This excellent hotel offers no less than a five star treatment at pocket friendly rates. At least my experience says that. My stay here was luxurious in all terms. I got the best of facilities plus a location offering awesome natural views. Mine was a large room equipped with a king size bed, comfortable mattresses and silky linens. I could almost spend the entire day sleeping in such cozy bedding. There was a spacious balcony attached with my room from where I used to relish the beautiful sunsets. The hotel also had a private swimming pool, a bar, a spa and a multi-cuisine restaurant but my favorite was the spa.

Shabir Ahmed,


I stayed in this beach resort a couple of months back. Frankly speaking, I had the best time of my life here. I enjoyed every bit of my stay. Thanks to the hotel staff who took care of us. I was travelling with my twin daughters of eleven months but didn’t really have a hard time between enjoying my trip and taking care of them at the same time. I was happy that the room service was fast as last year me and husband had stayed in a hotel in Delhi having pathetic room service. Fortunately, we did not have to experience the same here. I would also have to appreciate the variety and taste of food. What I liked the most about the staff was that they arranged some bland foods for my little ones. So, thanks to them.

Divya Sharma


Stayed here last month for about a week. Location wise any one would fall in love with the place. The hotel has some wonderfully manicured gardens of palm trees and a beach front where I used to spend most of my evenings. However, a few women tried to sell some useless stuff on the beach which was really annoying but that of course has nothing to do with the hotel. Apart from that it was a terrific stay.

Ajay Kumar

New Delhi

My last stay in this beach resort was full of surprises. My husband knows that it is the only hotel I prefer to book in Port Blair but he told me that all rooms had already been booked and that we would have to book in some other hotel. Though it was really upsetting still just because he had got a break from work after a long time, I said yes. And what a pleasant surprise it was when we actually landed on my favorite hotel. Nothing had changed much- the same greenery and serenity was surrounding the hotel. There was still one more surprise left for me. As I reached the hotel, I was shocked to see my elder sister and her husband already present there…and I got it. I was planned….we all had a great laugh that day. For the next four days we enjoyed like anything. Right from pampering ourselves in the spa to having candle lit dinners in their superb multi-cuisine restaurant, we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Even today, all of them pull my leg while recalling these memories.